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The Family that Makes Scents

KALM Company is a family-owned and operated business. It was just a few years ago that a mother named Lois, along with her two daughters and two daughters in law started their business of handcrafting bath and body products. Once we realized that we were an acronym: K (Kristin) A (Ashley) L (Lizeth & Lois) M (Michelle) -- life made scents. We are now doing business as scents of KALM®.

The KALM family now invites you to relax and enjoy the spa experience at home as you pamper yourself with our luxurious handmade body products. We use only the finest ingredients to create highly moisturizing and soothing products. And doesn't it also make sense to give the gift of relaxation; a gift that will always be appreciated. You can find your scents of KALM at

We are more than an acronym. We are also an integral part of our logo. The serene silhouette contains all of our initials. The K and A, Kristin and Ashley, are the cheeks. Lois & Lizeth are the left shoulder. Michelle is the head and right shoulder. Take a look at our logo for yourself.

The KALM scents are not just for women. Favorites for both men and women include: honey almond, sake, sweet bamboo plus the popular oatmeal peppermint body bar. There are many avenues to that calming connection: lotion, body bar, perfume oil, body & massage oil, body butter. Which of our scents connects with your soul and calms you?

Who wouldn't relish a few moments of relaxation in the comfort of their own space?
Our scents are paraben free, contain no artificial colors or animal by-products, and are vegan friendly. Find your scents of KALM here.
Almond and honey,
with cherry undertones
Vanilla and lavender
essential oils
White peach, lotus, lily,
and warm musk
Lemongrass, vanilla,
and amber
Spa fresh
and sweet herbal